RTF - How To Set Android Camera Resolution

Real Time Forms (RTF) Helps: How to Set Android Camera Resolution
One of the many benefits to RTF digital forms is the user can take pictures and put them into the form to be saved as part of the permanent record. There is a file size limit per form, so in order to take multiple pictures on a RTF form a user is better served to set their camera resolution to a lower resolution to reduce the overall file size of the form and ensure it keeps to the file size limit.
  1. Find your Camera app on your device and open it.
  1. In the Camera app find the Resolution and Ratio settings and open it.
  1. Then select the lowest resolution possible on the device. The resolution number will be in megapixel (M). The aspect ratio (ie. 1:1) is not the number to gauge, it will be the number followed by an M. Once the lowest number is selected then exit the app. (each device is different and will have different megapixel options)
After these steps are followed, then when pictures are taken in RTF the file size will be small enough to allow for multiple pictures in one form and will still be of such quality as to allow for clarity. 
If you have any problems with this procedure please call us at 800-658-1676 or email us at support@famhost.com. 

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