JaRay - How To Install Local Printing For JaRay Software

How To Install The Local Printing Client For JaRay Software
The existing Cloud process of printing in JaRay works by JaRay converting the print document to a PDF and then moving that PDF document to the Cloud database, then querying the Cloud to get a link to that file to deliver back to the user which is then accessed by the Famhost Viewer application (Windows only app). The beauty of the Cloud method of printing is it doesn’t require any printer client to be installed on the local machine, it simply used the same Famhost Viewer application to redirect the print job back to the user’s local machine that is also used for scans and recorded phone calls and/or multimedia messaging service texts (mms).
In conjunction with that, we have also now installed a local printing server/client application that will also allow a user to print JaRay documents without going to the Cloud. The local print option will require the user to have a Windows RDP client shortcut for JaRay and not Famhost Client. Famhost Client doesn’t have access to the appropriate DLLs needed to make this work. Every user will need a standard Microsoft RDP connection to access JaRay.
1.To create a Microsoft RDP Connection:
  1. Start > Run > type in mstsc and click enter.
  2. That will open a Remote Desktop Client box, in the Computer line key in AS10.famhost.com and click Show Options.
  3. In the User name box key in the users JaRay server login (ie. 01john)
  4. Click Save As button and change File Name to JaRay and then on left find Desktop and click that to set as Save location, then click Save button. This will create the icon on the desktop.
  5. Upon first use put a check in the box (lower left) on the warning screen to not show warning again.
2.The other requirement for the local print option is the Simplified Printing Client application (Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 7) to be installed on the local computer.
To find whether your Windows computer is 32bit or 64bit (System Type) you can do one of the following:
1.Windows Key + Pause
2.Win 7 or 8 - Start > type System Properties > Enter
3.Win 10 – Cortana > type System Properties > Enter
You should see something similar to one of the screens here:
Depending on what version of Windows you have you can install one of the two following clients:
(Exit JaRay completely before installing)
Once the client is installed you will need to setup the printers. Start the client from Start button > Programs > Tricerat > Client Control Panel. Go to the Printers tab (#1 below on graphic) and set the printer(s) you would like to use in JaRay. (you can use up to 3 printers in JaRay). To set the printer move the slider to green (on) position (#2 below on graphic) and click Apply at the top right (#3 below on graphic). No other changes on the Printer Client application are needed.
Once the Simplify Printing Client application is installed and the printers are added you can then log back into JaRay and the user should be able to click the Print option and then choose Local Printer option. This will then give you a drop-down list of printers you’ve allowed the local installed Printer Client to access (max 3). Then click Print.
If you have any problems with any of this process please give us a call at 800-658-1676 or email us at support@famhost.com

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