JaRay - RTF - How To Add Device Info Into JaRay for RTF App

How To Add Device Info Into JaRay For Real Time Forms App
To set up Real Time Forms there is some device (either Tablet or Phone) information that is needed. There is an area in JaRay for collecting this data. The user can go from Main Menu to 6NQE (if the user has Security access) to access this area.
From this screen the user will select their tech who the device is assigned to on left and then click either the Tablet Detail button or the Phone Detail button. This will then allow for entry of the necessary data for Famhost Staff to properly set up the device to work with the Real Time Forms app.
  1. Device Platform: Whether the device is an Android, Apple or Windows Operating System.
  2. Manufacturer: Choose from a list of common device Manufactures or choose Other if your device Manufacturer is not in this list.
  3. Model #: The model number of your device, usually found in the same area as IMEI info.
  4. Hardware Serial or MEID: Here is where you will enter the IMEI information (only if cellular enabled) or the MEID (Apple) or Serial #. All of this information can generally be found in the same place on the tablet. Click the ‘Direction to find IMEI Number’ button on this screen to find that location.
  5. Asset Tag or Description: This would be a general label for the device, ie. John Mason iPad2.
Once that information is entered please let us know via phone or email. We’ll then be able to begin the device setup on the RTF platform side.
If you have any questions about any of this process, please call us at 800-658-1676 or email us at support@famhost.com.

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