IM - FamHost Instant Messenger Install and Setup Help Guide

How to Install and set up FamHost Instant Messaging.

How to Install IM Program:
Download the program from Run that program and go through the install changing nothing, accept all default settings. When it brings up the user account info log in with your instant messenger account information. Check the box to Remember password and log on automatically, this will start the IM application when your computer starts every day.

How to add contacts to IM:
Right click personal contacts and click NEW GROUP > type in the new group name and then click OK.
You can make as many groups as you want to. Right Click the group you want to add the contact to and click ADD NEW CONTACT, then put in the email address of the contact. (ie. and then click NEXT and then put the Name of the person in the DISPLAY NAME field and then click FINISH. You should see the contacts yellow smiley face when you log in.
Our IM addresses here at Famhost/JaRay
Paul Farmer              (Famhost CEO)
Glen Baker                 (Famhost Controller)
John Mason               (Famhost Director of Operations)
Ron Mason                             (Software Support Manager)
Jane Jantz                              (JaRay CEO)
Cozette Klinge                (Famhost Communications Specialist)
Brian Kimmel         (Famhost Software Engineer)
Sherry Hoyt                  (Famhost Mobile Applications Developer)
Cheryl Mason             (Famhost Mobile Forms Specialist)
Brad White                     (Famhost GPS Mgr)
Melinda Miller         (Famhost Business Support)
Victor Anderson            (JaRay Software Engineer)
Tom Farmer               (Famhost Strategic Alignment)
Tim Garcia                      (Famhost Security System Specialist)
Ron Nibbelink      (Famhost Data Analytics Developer)
Andrew Mason          (Famhost Mobile Forms Developer)
Kaleb Mills                  (Famhost Mobile Forms Developer)
Jacob Forster             (Famhost Technical Support)
Jacqueline Chan             (Famhost Famalytics Specialist)
James Thorne              (Famhost Sales & Marketing Director)

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