JaRay - How To Install JaRay Components For Local Printing

How To Install JaRay Components For Local Printing
In order to use the local printing option in JaRay the user will need to create a Microsoft RDP connection for connecting to JaRay. This can be done by following the steps below:
    1. First right click the start button in the lower left corner and choose Run.
    2. In the Run command enter mstsc and click Ok.
    3. In the Server line enter your JaRay server address (ie. AS1.famhost.com) and then click on Show Options.
  1. In the Remote Desktop Connection box enter the user’s JaRay username (ie. 01john) and click the Display Tab at top.
    5. On the display window move the slider one click to the left from large (all the way left) setting. Doesn’t matter what the numbers are below, we’re just needing the setting to be one click from full screen. This will ensure the user’s Windows taskbar is visible when connected via Remote Desktop. After moving slider then go back to the General Tab.
    6. On the General Tab click the Save As button.
    7. On the Save As screen put JaRay in the File Name box and then find/choose Desktop on the left hand Windows Explorer pane. This will then set at the top Desktop to be the Save As location. Then click Save Button at bottom.
    8. This will create a JaRay RDP shortcut on the desktop of the computer.
** If the user is prompted about security upon connecting to the server the first time just simply check the box in the lower left-hand corner of the window to not prompt again for this server.
Once these steps are followed creating this Microsoft RDP connection then follow the steps in the Help Document called Local Printing Client Install Instructions starting at Section 2.
If you have any problems with any part of this process please give us a call at 800-658-1676 or email us at support@famhost.com.

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